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L'atelier Pâtisserie by

Cours et Ateliers de Pâtisserie
à Limoges et en Haute-Vienne (87)
Animations et Anniversaires Enfants
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Formation CAP Pâtissier en candidat libre

Dorian Pelissier
Chef Patissier Chocolatier

Inscrivez-vous et participez au premier concours de patisserie amateurs du Limousin

Pour Ados et Adultes

Coaching gratuit par le Chef Dorian, le Président du Concours


A Chef just for yourself


Private pastry classes and workshops in our workshop arranged like at home or directly at home.

All levels, choice of number of participants and duration.  


Dorian shares with you all his secrets through his delicate recipes and technical tips. Sharing his passion is what drives him every day. Long hours of discussion around his creations makes me think that this young Chef will be talked about beyond the borders of France. Invited to participate as a judge in a competition of which he is the founder, I was able to measure his charisma, his professionalism, his high standards, and his great sensitivity


Julien Bourin, Finalist for Best Pastry Chef M6

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